Mygrid first column not visible using setColumnHidden method with SmartRendering

HI All,

I have enabled smart rendering using following method :: mygrid.enableSmartRendering(true);

I fetch 200 entries from server and load in mygrid. After that i trigger a UI button which in turn call the method (mygrid.setColumnHidden(0,false)) to make the first column visible, but this column does not visible.

mygrid first column visible by three ways (workaround) :

          (1) After manually scrolling over grid entries(200) so that entries get rendered into grid and then trigger UI button(show).
          (2) Reduce the zoom level (press ctrl + "-") till all entry visible , refresh the page then press UI button to show the first column.  
          (3) Remove smart rendering. ( //mygrid.enableSmartRendering(true);)

Please let me know why i am not able to visible column with smart rendering ?

Thanks & Regards,

Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce your issue locally. setColumnHidden() works well for me with the grid in the smart rendering mode.
You may try to call the
to repaint your grid.
If the problem still occurs for you please, provide a complete demo or a demo link, where the problem can be reconstructed locally.