MySQL error on fresh wordpress install

Hi to all !

And congratulations ! At least a real schedule manager for wordpress ! Hours of search to find you, great !


Since the plugin downloaded I get this on activation :

Install :

WPMU 2.9.2
PHP 5.3.1
Mysql 5.0.90-community
Apache 2.2.15

No plugin installed :open_mouth:

Do I miss something ?


Current version doesn’t work with WPMU, only common WP
Existing scheduler is oriented on single user usage, while MU is multi-user installation, which requires different handling.

Support for WPMU and multi-user scenario in Joomla is our next goal for plugins.

If you need such functionality ASAP - contact us directly at

Ok thanks !

Well it’s not an emmergency, but I would like to see it in action.

Can i test it an a single blog generated by MU or is it the same ?

WPMU uses different approach to table naming, which prevents usage of current version of plugin.
I think, that update, which will re-enable basic support of WPMU will be available on the next week.