native Hardware support

Hey guys,

At first some background information. I am doing currently my master thesis in the topic of mobile development for that i searched web based frameworks and going to analyse and validating them. One of my topics is the hardware access. Unfortunately i was not able to find some infos about that here. So i hope that you guys can maybe help me where i can find some information about that. it would be nice if the information are in this style!/api … tification

because i need to validate it and yeah i can’t trust your word so i need to create prototypes. What would be nice if there is an demo application that already covers the hardware access (like camera, etc.)

Greetings from Amsterdam,

Philipp Darkow

Lib itself doesn’t provide any API’s to access hardware.
If you need such access - you will need to user phonegap. ( dhtmlx touch is UI controls library )


thank you very much.