!nativeeditor_status=udated... but nothing happens


I work on a page with a grid and a form. (more or less simple)
I created for that a datastorage and dataprocessor.

Bind, sync and load data in the grid and form works fine. No problem. The only problem is if I try to save the data in the database.
The html request is there but nothing happens on the server side. The CommonConnector servlet returns only the whole data back to the client. Same as the load request.

I debugged the code on server side and found maybe a problem in the parse_request methode:
The methode search a request parameter “action”. But my request has only the parameter !nativeeditor_status=update and all fields plus the id.

The variable action= null on the server side.
What can I do? I have no Idea…

!nativeeditor_status = updated


protected void parse_request() {
String action = http_request.getParameter(“action”);
String id = http_request.getParameter(“id”);
Boolean is_get_action = false;

if (action!=null){
	String[] nameValuePairs = http_request.getQueryString().split("&");
	for(String nameValuePair: nameValuePairs) {
			is_get_action = true;

if (is_get_action){
	if (action.equals("get")  && id != null){
		this.request.set_filter(config.id.name, id);
	} else if (((action.equals("update") || action.equals("delete")) && id != null) || action.equals("insert")){
		editing = true;
		is_simple_protocol_used = true;
	} else {
} else


You need to include connector.js on the page - it will change data sending mode to post and will trigger different branch of logic.

Support of “action” param can be used for custom form saving routines, and is not used by dataprocessor

connector.js is included :frowning:

General question 1:
To save a Form that binded to a Grid works with the method myForm.save(). Right?

Is explained in:

General Question 2:
What’s exactly the order to include thejs files?
I need layout, form, grid, accordion, tabbar, menu, dataprocessor, connector and datastore
I think all moduls :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great support!!!

I found the problem:
The order of the js files was wrong :imp: :imp:

What’s exactly the order to include thejs files?

dhtmlxcommon.js ...any js files... dhtmlxdataprocessor.js //if you plan to use it dhtmlxconnector.js //if you plan to use it