Navbar with notification icon

whether is the same as the bootstrap navbar function with notification icon, similar menu component,
Like toolbar skins not a menu skin only gray color (but not multilevel menu)

Can add a new feature/component navbar multilevel menu can insert notification on left top corner.

Thanks in advance.

There is no ready implementation, but you can use dhtmlxToolbar with inserted menu button as in the attached sample (button “Navigation”)

By the way you can also customize dhtmlxMenu background if you want. If you need it i will post some css here (352 KB)

Hello, note that if we collect many votes for this functionality request (Combine Toolbar, Menu and Ribbon into a single control), then we include it in future versions:

@Darya, for a while I use the toolbar while waiting for the next feature release.
@Inga, Of course I will vote for this one.

Thanks a lot great team.

You are welcome!