navline size contents

Hi there -
I need to add many checkbox items in the navline (similar to the 09_filtering_events sample but more checkboxes). That being the case, I therefore need more space and would like to expand the height of the navline and have the prev and next buttons on top of the today button.
Can you please help me with that.

nav line height can be set following way: scheduler.xy.nav_height = 50;
as for buttons, you can override their position with css or inline styles

I tried changing scheduler.xy.nav_height and it doesn’t work.

Hi Aliaksandr -
I tried scheduler.xy.nav_height = 50;
in your samples: 01_default.html and 02_glossy.html (07_skins directory).
It works in the default but not in the glossy. I’m unfortunately using the glossy skin, so is there something I’m not doing properly or is there some other solution?
Thanks in advance,

Never mind - I just modified everything in css.