Need a Joomla Extension to host an online Conference

I can pay $250 for this: This would be a Joomla FIRST: there is NO other component that provides this functionality today: Please contact me ASAP:

Here are the broad requirements:

  1. The user should be able to register/book/pay for the category (Which would be the main conference event) e.g Technical Conference ABC.

  2. The user should be able to attend only one event/session (i will call them sessions from here on) at one given point in time (Typically these
    sessions will be between 60-90 minutes long). Booked sessions will go under a tab called “My Sessions”.

  3. The user should then be able to build a schedule of non-conflicting sessions within the main conference.

  • The user should be able to add sessions into “My Favorites”: these are sessions that he/she is unable to attend because of a timing conflict OR he/she
    just has general interest in. If there is a timing conflict, the system should give following choices to the user:
  • Replace the current session with the new session
  • Replace the current session with the new session and move the old session to “My Favorites”
  • Leave the current session booking in place and add the new session to “My Favorites”
  1. Speakers/Tutors should be able to make presentations to the board/website for approval. These abstracts will then automatically become part of the
    session abstract and the speaker/tutor will be attached to it. There can be Multiple speakers for a single event.

  2. Presenter/speaker needs to add pdf/ppt for users to download. This will be done within Seminar which will then be automatically uploaded to WebEx Event Center via an API. If it is uploaded in WebEx Event Center this will be accessbile in the Joomla Component via an API.

  3. User can configure session either private or public; if public, other user can see.

  4. There needs to be a placeholder & password fields for the WebEx Conference URL. This can be emailed to the users.

  5. Users should then be able to see their hourly schedules on a day by day basis for the 5-6 days of the conference and interactively edit the schedule.

  6. At the end of the conference, users should be download the recorded sessions OR access the WebEx links and view/listen to them as they please.

  7. Users can be sent a survey for each session that they attended.

  8. Users need to be REMINDED by email 1 hour (OR whatever time setting) that the session is about to start with the sesssion link in it.

The described functionality will require a complex customization of scheduler.
While all above is possible it will require a lot of coding