Need a revised tutorial for DHTMLX Grid


Hello Everyone,
I’m working on an ASP.NET MVC Project. I’ve to use DHTMLX Grid in my project My Seniors gave me this blog for reference but things mentioned in this blog is outdated gives me parser error if I try to replicate. Could anyone share with me the latest documentation or tutorials of DHTMLX Grid that must integrate with aspx pages. Thanks for the Reply


Unfortunately, there is no guide or a tutorial for the dhtmlxGrid 7 usage with the ASP.NET, as there is no dhtmlxConnectors or some specific data format in the dhx.Grid.
dhx.Grid uses the dataCollection helper to operate with the dataset:
which uses a common JSON format for the data. So, the dhx.Grid supports RESTful API, and can deal with any backend. All you need is just to populate a valid JSON on your side, and then you can populate it to the grid using the load() method:
also, you are able to save all the data changes to your backend using the save() method: