Need Checkbox onchange event versus grid cellclick or afterselect events


I have a grid that has a boolean checkbox in first column and I need to separate it from the row select event but I cannot seem to find an event that will do this as it’s in a grid and not a form.

In ver5 I used cell id onclick but I do not see this in docs…could someone suggest a solution or point me to an example please?

| checkbox | Column 2 | Column 3 |

If I click on row it triggers cellclick or afterselect as advertised but i need that to select 1 row and if i check check box needs to trigger another event because multiple checkboxes are possible

So either an event I may be missing or if I can click on that check box and get a value to let me know it’s a checkbox so I can use a condition on selection event - thanks

You can use the cellClick, beforeSelect or beforeEditStart events: (triggers before checking the checkbox, you can also use the afterEditEnd, if you need to catch a moment after the checkbox switch) (or afterSelect)
depending on your needs.
All the events have the column and row information in the attributes to detect which cell was clicked.

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Hey sematik,

Before I realized you answered I was working on CellClick and saw I could use the column id to use as a condition…but I will certainly look at the events you posted as they may come in handy…

Appreciate the assist!

In case others want to work with a master checkbox and row selection:"CellClick", function(row,col){
      id =;

      // If checkbox cell ID is not clicked 
      // then filter original array 
      // by selected row column values and populate 2nd grid     

      if (id != "is_checked")
         array_filtered = original_array.filter(f => f.column_01===row.column_01 && f.column_02===row.column_02);

     // Checkbox cell ID was clicked 
     // Create an empty array 
     // Iterate grid_01 rows and populate array w/ checked boxes

        arr = []; (row)
           if (row.is_checked) { arr.push(row.uid) }

        // If array has checked items

        if (arr.length > 0)
           array_filterd = original_array;           
           // If column filter used then filter condition array_filtered

           if (grid_01.getHeaderFilter("filter_name").querySelector("select").value=="Yes")
              array_filtered = original_array.filter(f => f.filter_name==="Yes")

           if (grid_01.getHeaderFilter("filter_name").querySelector("select").value=="No") 
              array_filtered = original_array.filter(f => f.filter_name==="No")
           // Populate 2nd grid by parsing data where pushed arr values are in filtered array       
           data = array_filtered.filter(f => arr.includes(f.uid));
  	   return true;

        // Array has no checked items

          data = [];