Need Font Awesome 5 Support for SVG with JS in DHTMLX


We have many sites whose Internet Explorer will not show web fonts (they are locked down by group policies). So they cannot see ANY fa icons in our DHTMLX app. This is a major issue. We have been waiting for Font Awesome 5 to be released because we have verified that their new SVG with JS approach works. So how do we incorporate Font Awesome 5 into DHTMLX?



This is what I’ve tried so far…

  • I placed the new font awesome 5 file “fontawesome-all.js” into the /dhtmlx/codebase/fonts/font_awesome/ folder.
  • Then I updated the reference to it in the page:
    Now the new font awesome 5 icons appear but I see double (2) of each for some reason. Any ideas?


The bug appears to be in DHTMLX in the dhtmlXMenu.addNewSibling(nextToId, itemId, text, dis, imgEn, imgDis) method. If I remove the disabled image property (imgDis) then I only see one font awesome icon, great, but if I make that menu item disabled then I don’t see any image. So it seems like DHTMLXs enabled/disabled functionality for FA5 icons needs tweaking. I know DHTMLX doesn’t officially support FA5 yet as it was just released but if there is a quick and dirty fix you could do I’d take it :slight_smile: Thanks! … -in-dhtmlx