need help for dhtmlx scheduler export to pdf


I want to use dhtmlx scheduler in my project and I have created some custom views for reporting purpose. Now, I am able to print inbuilt view(Like Day, Timeline etc.) but how can I print my report associative with scheduler.

Please suggest me…

Thanks in advance.
Sharad Verma

We are working on update for export-to-pdf functionality, the new edition will be able to export any views, including the custom one. ( there will be some limitations, but it will work for most cases )

The updated version of the export will be available till the end of May.

Actually, my custom view is simple html div view associated with dhtmlxscheduler.

So, can it possible to print div custom view in next update of dhtmlxscheduler?

Please suggest me…

Thanks in advance…

Updated version will support “raw” export - where it will just convert the HTML inside of scheduler to PDF. So, most probably, it will work with your custom view.