Need Help Resizing Window when Zoomed Out (dhxwin_brd)

Hi. :slight_smile:

I’m Doing some Work with this library where my focus object are windows.
The objective is to open as many windows on a view port as I want and work with forms.

As I get to a point with like 5 windows and I want to display them side by side (like in any MS Windows SO), and to fit on my screen I adjust a css zoom/tranform.scale() of the view port. All good but now I cant re-size the windows because the div.class name dhxwin_brd that works the re-size is impossible to click/drag on bottom and right borders…You can see on the pictures I send.

Any Suggestions or bug fix? :frowning:


why don’t you use layout for this purposes?
fullscreen init - … inner.html
patterns - … terns.html

Windows are better for this project than layouts… I’m thought about layout undock for this but is even worst than window… can’t resize anyway when Zoom applied…

Hi Matheus

I have exactly the same problem. I realize this was posted a year ago but I’m hoping you solved this problem yourself?

Unfortunately that problem was not solved.