Need Help with SelectBox in GRID

I am trying to do 2 things in my GRID.

  1. Populate a SelectBox with static values (A, B, C)
  2. Populate a SelectBox From a MS SQL Server

Can anyone provide me with some samples on how to achieve these?

Found my solution for option1: … pulation&s[]=coro

function addRowFilter() {
var newId = ++fID
var Fc1 = mygridFilter.getCombo(1);
var Fc2 = mygridFilter.getCombo(2);

mygridFilter.addRow(newId, [newId], mygridFilter.getRowsNum())
Fc1.put(1, “One”);
Fc1.put(2, “Two”);
Fc2.put(1, “One”);
Fc2.put(2, “Two”);
Fc2.put(3, “Three”);
mygridFilter.selectRow(mygridFilter.getRowIndex(newId), false, false, true);

You can use dhtmlxConnector on the server side to populate combo box with options from server side. Please find more information here … ns_in_grid

Thank you. I found a way using C#, and Json Data with JavaScript to get data from my msSQL DB.