Need installation and first-use tutorial for Spreadsheet

I would like to try to use dhtmlxSpreadsheet but have found the basic installation and first-use from the download (Standard Edition (full package) v.2.0) to be semi-unintelligible.

I am running this in a LAMPS environment on my home system.

  • Downloaded and unpacked the zip file

  • Tried to use the Spreadsheet/index.html
    [list][*] Found that I first needed to create an empty mySQL database for that index.html code to work. That was not mentioned anywhere that I could find

    [/:m][]httpd error log showed hundreds of error messages, mostly complaining about not having the proper authority to rmdir or unlink in the installer directory.
    [/:m][]Ultimately, the script showed a 404 for samples/01_simple_init.html since there is no samples directory in the folder where the code is installed.[/*:m][/list:u]

I suspect this may have to do with permissions of the directories and files where I have downloaded the code. But again, th einstallation instructions don’t have any guidance that I could find.

I really would like to make this work, help badly needed.


Bill Lee

O.k., I puzzled it through and figured out that the installer, running in the server, needs write access to several files in the hierarchy where the code is installed. I added that and got the installer to install.

Next question: I have an existing excel spreadsheet that I wish to import. Any tools for that? Cut-n-paste is not sufficient since the amount of data in the excel spreadsheet is substantial.


Bill Lee

You will write your own custom script that will parse your excel using the PhpExcel and than insert it to the spreadsheet.
Here is the php API of the spreaqdsheet: