Need lights on lightbox

I am brand new in using DHTMLX Scheduler with ASP.NET MVC3

I managed to make it show my events loading everything from backend.

    public ActionResult Index()
        DHXScheduler scheduler = new DHXScheduler(this);

        scheduler.Skin = DHXScheduler.Skins.Glossy;

        scheduler.Config.dblclick_create = false;
        scheduler.Config.first_hour = 8;
        scheduler.Config.last_hour = 18;
        scheduler.Config.multi_day = true;
        scheduler.Config.readonly_form = true; = false;


        scheduler.LoadData = true;

        return View(scheduler);
    public ContentResult Data()
        List<DBEvent> dbEventList = DataProvider.GetAllEvents();
        List<CalendarEvent> calEventList = new List<CalendarEvent>();

        foreach (DBEvent currentDbEvent in dbEventList)
            CalendarEvent currentCalEvent = new CalendarEvent();

            currentCalEvent.text = string.Format("{0} with {1}", 
            currentCalEvent.start_date = currentDbEvent.startingDate.Value.Add(currentDbEvent.startingTime.Value);
            currentCalEvent.end_date = evento.start_date.AddHours(1);


        SchedulerAjaxData data = new SchedulerAjaxData(calEventList);
        return (ContentResult)data;

My requeriments where to show the events in the week view and do not allow to create, edit or delete events directly in the scheduler. Since they are being created somewhere else.

Everything is fine until I get to the lightbox where I see the default template shows in the header the starting and ending time in bold followed with the event text in normal weight. That’s ok. But after the header there comes a description section which is repeating the event text. What I would like to do is keeping showing the start - end time followed by the text it is already displaying, but writing a bit longer information in description section maybe including URLs. Is that possible?