nested cells: how can i transfer the variables between neste


my codes:

file: layout.jsp

dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(“parentId”,“3L”);

layout1 = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(dhxLayout.cells(“a”),“3E”);

in layout1 .cells(“a”) there was a index-tree.

i wanted to use a grid in dhxLayout.cells(“c”); when i clicked a node of index-tree, related information would be display in that grid.


this code was written in the page integratedView.jsp and the url of tree node like :


then there was a error: “dhxLayout is not defined”. certainly “dhxLayout” was not defined in integratedView.jsp.

how can i implement it? how can i transfer this javascript variable to the url-page of nested cells.

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attachURL loads page into iframe. So, this fact must be taken into consederation.

The iframe is available by the following property:

var frame = dhxLayout.cells(“c”)._frame;

You can get grid object by frame.contentWindow.gridObject;

var grid = frame.contentWindow.gridObject

If this approach must be called from another iframe, something as follows can take place:


var frame = parent.dhxLayout.cells(“c”)._frame;

var grid = frame.contentWindow.gridObject;