nested context menu

Hi, I need help in creating a nested context menu without using loadXml.








The online example for the the contxt menu is below : … upmenu.htm

So the question is I wish to replicate the above nested example (“Other…” menu) for my context menu. I know you can do loadXml().

But I’m more insterested in doing it using javascript call like below:

var contextMenu= new dhtmlXContextMenuObject(‘155’,0, “images/scbr_icons/”);, new dhtmlXMenuItemObject(‘icon21.gif’,‘Red…’,20,18,0,‘new_Id’,‘New tooltip’)), new dhtmlXMenuItemObject(‘icon21.gif’,‘Green…’,20,18,0,‘new_Id’,‘New tooltip’)), new dhtmlXMenuItemObject(‘icon21.gif’,‘Blue…’,20,18,0,‘new_Id’,‘New tooltip’)), new dhtmlXMenuItemObject(‘icon21.gif’,‘Other…’,20,18,0,‘new_Id’,‘New tooltip’))

… How do I add the sub menu for “Other…” ??

Can you help me.


Building context menu with script was described here: … uEx20.html