Nested Div Tags wont work

I am new new to htmlx scheduler and I am working on integrating in GWT.
Unfortunately I cannot place the relevant div tag für scheduler_start at body root. It is placed somewhere nested in sub level divs.
Thus, scheduler will not show up, although init passes without errors.

Can someone point me to the right direction, please?

The nested DIVs is not your problem. I use the Schedule nested pretty deep inside qooxdoo and the view does show. What you are probably seeing is that the toolkit you are working with delays the rendering of the DIV’s to the DOM and you are trying to init the schedule before the DIV actually exists. I had to delay the creation of my schedule until a point that I knew the DOM was available.


Also be sure that div where you are initializing scheduler has fixed height and width properties, or else it will be rendered but displayed with 0px height.

<body onload="init();"> <div id="scheduler_here" class="dhx_cal_container" style='width:100%; height:100%;'>
body has height: 100%, width: 100%; so it’s working correctly.

<div id="scheduler_here" class="dhx_cal_container" style='width:500px; height:600px;'>

Scheduler div itself has fixed sizes.

<div class='someNestedDiv' style='width:500px; height:300px'> <div id="scheduler_here" class="dhx_cal_container" style='width:40%; height:60%;'>
Parent node has fixed sizes, scheduler uses percents of that.

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