Nested elements away from the parent

I’m trying to define an element of a form, that’s only active when a certain value is selected in a dropdown. This element however is not supposed to be placed next to the dropdown, but somewhere further down in the form. Is there an easy way to do this?


your request a bit unclear, please provide more details.

if I correctly understood:
you can check this demo … t_pwd.html

by changing “Format” to “FLAC” - you will see nestes list attached to this option
also in multiselect “Share…” 1st two options have lists assigned.

This is not quite the effect that I want to acheive and I know how to do this. What I want to have is a list, like the on that appears under FLAC, appear in a different part of the form. For example I want selecting FLAC to cause a list oi options to appear under sharing.

BTW The example you gave doesn’t work in IE8

Then you can try to use absolute positioning. Place items where you need.