Nested Modal Windows Issue

I have a modal window of width and height 400 x 200. It opens up an html page in it. The html page has code to open another modal window of size 600 x 100. The later window is opened within the first modal window because its view port boundaries of parent modal window. I need to make the window opened from within another modal window appear outside the parent modal window.

it is kind of setting view port out of page from where window was created. Not sure if it is possible. What other alternative can be to meet this requirement?

You need to create a window in the parent page:


Yes but there is no more modal window in this case. I can access the first window and play with it.

Seems modal windows must have same parent. And these mode windows can move only in parent view port.

Seems modal windows must have same parent.


hi Alexandra,

is there any solution for this issue?
we hope the lastest window popup from the same viewport can keep Modal status.
I think is is very important for everybody!

Yes it is indeed.
Have the same problem here.

hi everyone,
any solution to this problem?
i have similar thing in here

There is no native way to keep more than 1 modal window

You can restore a modal mode in the focus event handler.

dhxWin.attachEvent(“onFocus”, function(win){