Nesting params sent by dataProcessor?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to nest the params being sent by the dataProcessor.

I see that you can set it up to use meaningful names, defined by the columns as mentioned here: … nfig_debug

But I’m wondering if you can have something like this for the params passed to the server:
{ book: { title: “DHTMLX for Dummies”, author: “Unknown” }, user: { name: “John Doe”} }

Instead of this:
{ book: “DHTMLX for Dummies”, author: “Unknown” }

On the server, I’m having to do a bunch of extra work to ignore certain params since everything is being passed in as one group. Would be great if I could do something like params("book), params(“user”), etc.

But I’m not sure if DHTMLX supports what I’m asking for.



There is no ready solution, but you can redefine method serialize of dataprocessor - this method receives data object with all updated related data and returns the string for sending to server side.

dp.serialize = function(obj, id){ return some_custom_logic(obj).toString(); }

Figured this out.

To get something like this passed in as the params:
{ book: { title: “DHTMLX for Dummies”, author: “Unknown” }, user: { name: “John Doe”} }

You can define something like this using the grid.setColumnIds function:


At least with Ruby on Rails, which is what I’m using server side, that gets interpreted to include the nesting I was looking for.