.Net example of a DataProcessor

I was wondering if anybody has a .Net (preferably c#) DataProcessor. I would like to see an example that has insert, update and delete operations with error handling. I will be using a “POST”/Send All At Once mode. Please let me know. Thanks.

dataprocessor is a client-side tool, it’s common for all platforms, only connectors differs.
check .Net connectors package for examples of CRUD operations


I see. I remember looking at dhtmlx a year ago and running across the connector. Unfortunately, the connector is a problem for me. I appreciate the simplicity of the connector and that there is probably a lot of functionality that makes using dhtmlx easier. However, the connector access the database directly. It appears to write SQL code dynamically. I don’t see a way to use stored procedures and parameterized queries (open to sql injection). The connector requires table names, columns, etc that should not be in my connector/controller logic. Finally, in .Net there are unfortunately a lot of very poor data access practices that are “easier” but cause performance problems and I don’t know if I can trust the connector. Is there another way to use dhtmlx without the connector? Please let me know.

yes, connectors are optional, you can use dhtmlx without them,
http://www.dhtmlx.com/blog/?p=639 - here is scheduler application on asp.Net mvc, without connectors,
xml(or json) format for data loading could vary from component to component, it’s described in components documentation, protocol for insert/update/delete data actions is common, dataprocessor tutorial have some details

Thank you very much. The MVC example is exactly what I needed.