.net server side uploaded files x2 or x3 times original size

Hello All,

Everything seems to be working exactly as I had hoped, however, the files placed into the upload folder are 2 or 3 times as large as the original size…In fact, if I upload a text file and open the file after upload, I see it has been duplicated within the filename…Does the same if I upload 1 at a time or many…

It doesn’t matter if it’s a .zip, .ipa, .mov , .pdf…It does the same regardless of file type…



Hi OUSteve,

did you solve this Problem? I am having the same Problem here on my new development machine. On the old one, everything was fine…



How are you checking the file size?

I have the same problem. Somebody resolved it?

Hi everyone
Please, try to upgrade to the last 2.0 version