New column problem


I have created a form with a fieldset.
Inside the fieldset I would like to have a block with 2 buttons and 2 textfield near each other.
My block has a width of 500, so it should be enough space to contains these.

The first button is placed on a row and the other 3 components are placed on the next row.

This is the part of the code where the block is created:

I attached a screenshot of the problem and a completed demo.

2012-10-10 Complete Demo New Column.rar (397 KB)

First of all try to replace all the js attached files. It was issue in 3.0, and it is fixed.
It must solve your issue. (317 KB)

Ok thank you, that solves the problem with the new colum.
I had to replace the dhtmlxform_item_combo.js with the old one, because all the images in the combo were gone. I will take a look at my other forms.

In different forms there are problems after replacing the dhtmlxForm folder with yours.
It’s no option for us to check all forms wheter there are problems with it or not.

Could you give me the part of the code that has to been changed to get the newcolumn functionality working.

Best regards

We need your completed demo to reproduce your “new issues” and help you. … leted_demo
The files i’ve attached are the same, but without newColumn issue.

So I have to check more than hundred screens wheter there are problems with it or not. Where is your backward compatibility? One problem solving means a few more bugs.

I attached my current .js files earlier. It should be able for you to solve the problem in that files. With that solution there shouldn’t be problem with the calendar and the combo.

your demo with updated code and dhtmlxform
works fine localy
backcompatability also ok
demo.rar (356 KB)

Hi Andrei

The backward compatibility is still not ok.
I replaced the three dhtmlx folders with my local ones, but the first screen I clicked I received the attached error.


probably mix of versions.
please contact us for latest version