new dhtmlXGridObject() does not work

Grid V3.5 build 120731

In a JSP, first include the standard grid library files, then

gridObj = new dhtmlXGridObject("myGrid"); alert(gridObj); </ PROBLEM: In either Chrome or Firefox browser, first cleaned the browser history cache, and then repeated the cache cleaning for 2 times Now, load the web page, alert(gridObj); which had never been executed. That means it failed and stopped at new dhtmlXGridObject(); Now, refresh the page (But DO NOT CLEAN THE BROWSER HISTORY CACHE this time) reload the web page, alert(gridObj); showed up. What caused this problem? And how to fix it? The visitors to my site have to load once and then refresh the page to make the new dhtmlXGridObject("myGrid"); to work. And my codes depend this line to proceed. Thanks to help. Scott

How is dhtmlxgrid.js ( or dhtmlx.js ) included on the page?
It must be a script tag, without extra attributes

Also, please check your page building toolchain, that it doesn’t change the order of js files loading
While file path is correct and script tag is placed before the grid’s initialization, there must not be such kind of error.