New Event - changing default Time Period display

Now that I have had a chance to customize the Event Calendar, I am really liking the functionality. I was able to modify the .php files to reformat the “Oncoming Events” and date formats in the calendar. However, I have a few questions.

  1. Where do I modify the display date (the one shown in the button for the pop-up calendar) from dd-mm-ccyy to mm-dd-ccyy? See red arrow below in image and I would need to modify the start and end dates in the same format.

  2. If I wanted to add “Today’s Events” to the sidebar, what .php files would need to change? It looks like sidebar.php and scheduler.php but I am not clear who calls what. I really want to learn more about dhtml since it has a very Windows feel about it.

a) this one not configurable through admin-panel setting, but can be tweaked in code, check

If you theme widget-ready - you can just add scheduler widget to the sidebar. … ess#widget … ss#sidebar

If I wanted to add “Today’s Events”
Unfortunately there is no separate widget|function to render today’s events