New event div is invisible with drag n drop create


We were using the evaluation version 4.3.35 of dhtmlxshceduler then purchased version 4.3.35 Professional.

When i’m using the evaluation version, creating events with drag and drop option works fine. But with the professional one, when i drag and drop to create an event on timeline, “New event” div is invisible. It opens the lightbox (another web page for me) for editing details of event and when i save and refresh the scheduler, it becomes visible.

Is anybody has the same problem or could help me fix it ?

please give us some additional info regarding the bug:

  • what browser do you use?
  • can you see the issue in samples from scheduler package, or it happens only in your app?

Samples works fine too.

We are using timeline and treetimeline with Firefox 49.0.1. Our application is running on a linux based server.

I’m including the same source files as i was doing with the evaluation version (dhtmlxscheduler.js, dhtmlxscheduler_timeline.js, dhtmlxscheduler_treetimeline.js, dhtmlxscheduler_glossy.css…).


Are you using some filters? Possibly you’ve just filtered event out.
Or possibly you have some problems with drag event handlers. Are you using some specific drag event handlers? Do you have some errors in console?
It would be nice if you’ll show your sample or link to problematic page.

Hi Sten,

Sorry i’m not allowed to share any images or samples because of client confidentiality.

We have the same view as sample 06_timeline/03_tree.html. When i drag and drop, the div with classes dhx_cal_header and dhx_second_cal_header is not created. It’s like i’m creating a ghost event. When i save the event, the div becomes visible on the view with class dhx_cal_event_line.

I’m not using any filters. I’ve only changed the version of dhtmlxScheduler. When i’m using the evaluation version, it works fine. I have no js errors on console.


Unfortunately, i cannot reproduce this.
Do you have such problems with exact sample “06_timeline/03_tree.html”?
It seems like sample works fine ( ). In this case you should check what handlers causes this issue.
Could create small sample where issue can be reproduced?