New events choose the wrong resource on double-click

In my web app, the Scheduler is used to schedule staff for different trips. The trips are listed as the resources on the lefthand side and staff are the “events”.

When I double-click a row to add a new event, sometimes it chooses the wrong trip/resource. It will consistently choose a trip listed below it and the problem gets worse the further down the chart you go.

It seems to be some sort of spacing issue - like Scheduler thinks that the rows are larger than they actually are?


Please check that all trips have unique key value.

var trips=[
{key:1, label:“Bicycling…”},
{key:2, label:“Bike across…”},
{key:3, label:“Cycling…”}

Sorry for the delayed reply - I missed the notification that someone else had posted.

I checked and the keys are all unique for the trips. Any other suggestions for how to debug this?

Try to update to the latest version of the Gantt Chart.

If the problem still occurs - please provide with the demo, where we can reproduce it to understand the cause of the problem.
For example in this snippet new events occupies correct positions:

Thanks for your help. It actually ended up being a css problem. The padding in the cells was messing with Scheduler’s functionality. I removed the padding and it works great!