New events not inserting, but can update and delete events

The scheduler I setup is not saving new events, but update and delete is possible. I am using php as backend, how to debug this, or better what do you think is the problem.


Hi @lars_ulrich,

Unfortunately it is difficult to guess what goes wrong without a demo.

Regarding debugging - for example, you can monitor error logs. Please check these artickles with detailed description how to debug PHP code:

Have you read and followed this guide “dhtmlxScheduler with PHP” in our documentaion?
If no, you can try to use it to find what you missed. Please pay attention to Step 5. Saving changes. Also you can find there the link for the ready demo on GitHub.

Thanks Polina for the reply.

But I just wan to know if there’s a debugger for scheduler where I can see the data that is being processed. By the way, I am using mysql connector, I am able to update manually inserted events in the database, and can delete it. I am quite desperate now because I cannot see the part where the insert is not working. I am hoping someone can help me, the customer support perhaps.


There is only getEvents() method that you can use to return all events in the browser. But I’m not sure that this method can help you to find a the solution of this issue.

The problem is related to the server side integration. Probably I will be able to investigate the issue if you send me the demo that can be run locally.