New grid row as buffer ?

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Didn’t found something similar … Exist possibility to add to a grid a new line as a new mysql table record ? Mysql let to manage a new record of table until it confirm , as a buffer . Maybe solution exist and with dhtmlx grid . I read doc about adding/removing rows :

. As I can understand , I can fill array with defs values , add this to the grid and confirming save to mysql table . Maybe you have sample for that ?

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You may try to use dhtmlxDataProcessor.
Here you can find an example: … _init.html

Here is the tutorial: … cessor:toc

Thanks , Sematik , for link . I reviewed info about data processor . Only one question - can you share sources of php for samples ? For a better understanding how it’s working … :slight_smile:

Found samples in DataProcessing with Live Update . Exist and php files … :slight_smile: