New row addition


How can I add a new row at the beginning of the grid?
0 will add the row at the end.

make sure you´ve entered third parameter as integer not string

This works for me

mygrid.addRow(mygrid.uid(),["first column","second column"],0);

This is how i am creating a row. And the row gets added to the end.

var rowCnt = grid.getRowsNum();
rowCnt = rowCnt + 1;
rowCnt = "create_"+rowCnt+"_group";
grid.addRow(rowCnt, ["Enter name","Enter display name"], 0);

Could you please suggest what am I doing wrong here?

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reproduced locally.
Your code should work well.
Pleas,e make sure that you have no duplicating ids in your grid (including the new adding row), and you have not the row with id “0” (such id usage is not available).