New Version release date

Hello Fedor,

Could you let us know an estimation release date of the new version which supports the time scale please? We are anxious about this feature, and want to know the release date to make business decision whether we need to switch to other similar products.


We will notify additionally here soon.

Dear Fedor,

Please provide more information - we are waiting for new version with new features since many months and You always assure us about immediate release.
Its wrong.

Kind regards,


Is there any sign of this update happening soon as a new release has been promised for quite some time without coming to fruition?


You are probably better off modifying the existing source code to meet your needs than to wait for another release. We modified our version to support a day view, with tasks lasting fractions of hours, and the whole chart is done on a day-by-day basis. We also modified the chart to support tasks with multiple different background colors, custom rollover information (by passing in the custom information when we create each task), and also the support of expanding / collapsing child tasks onto their parent (with the option to have all tasks start collapsed onto their parents).

It’s really not too difficult to modify the existing code, so if there’s one feature that you really need, you should probably go ahead and implement it yourself.