Newbie basic questions

I just stumbled across your site and your gantt control looks VERY interesting.
I have a couple of questions.
In the samples, the tree seems to just be of projects and tasks. Can there be data columns as well? If so, are there event handlers so I can validate changes to the dates assciated with tasks?
For example, suppose I have a task for a project and a person has entered time against it. If they change the dates of the task, I have to validate that the timeframe still encompasses all time entered against the task. Is this possible?

Lastly, do you have sample code on how to serialize changes back to the server for an application?

Thansk … Ed

For now, the tree part can not display other properties rather that task names. We are working on the tree-grid replacement for it.
As for serialization, it is not server-dependent, we have a sample which serializes chart content in XML form and sends it back to the server. It’s called “/samples/02_data_load/4_save.html”.