Newbie question about "object has no method" error

Hi, Sorry for the newbie question… but I must be having problem getting everything installed correctly. I’m attempting to use the Grid with a mysql DB.

I tried to use the lib compiler but could only get a screen with the “processing” message.

I then tried to use one of the existing dhtmlx.js files in the long list in the export folder (one that included the Grid) and was successful in getting my data loaded, but updates were not being saved back to my DB table. (So at least I know I connected to the DB ok).

So I now have tried to use just the code distributed with the v.3.5 Standard Edition Grid download and the php connector code and now get the following message.

I really like the functionality and the looks but I’m about ready to move on, but thought I’d check to see if I can get some help.

Here are my two files:



<?php require_once("php/codebase/grid_connector.php"); $res=mysql_connect("localhost","ogden","chileduck"); mysql_select_db("ogden"); $conn = new GridConnector($res,"MySql"); $conn->enable_log("temp.log"); $conn->render_table("letters","Id","Date,Author,Recipient", "File"); ?>

Replying with an update.

I went back to using the exported dhtmlx.js file and now database updates are working!
Sorry for filling the bandwidth.

Now, I’ve looked and looked but cannot find and example of how to retrieve a value from the ‘extra’ column in the render_table command
$conn->render_table(“letters”,“Id”,“Date,Author,Recipient”, “File”);

I want to get the value of the File attribute when a user clicks on the grid row.

and now get the following message.
To work with filters you have need to include dhtmlxgrid_filter.js

Extra columns available only on server side you need to have some code to transfer that data to client side.

on server side

function set_user_data($data){
	$data->set_userdata("File", $data->get_value("File"));
$conn->event->attach("beforeRender", "set_user_data");
$conn->render_table("letters","Id","Date,Author,Recipient", "File");

and on client side

grid.getUserData(id, "File")