Newbie: Save time from datetime in separate column..

I am new to the schedular want to have information for the following both topic. Could you please advice where to find and how to start?

  1. I want to save by lightbox entered datetime (2014-11-23 14:12:45) save in two columns separated date and time eq: 2014-11-23 as date and 14:12:45 as time
    I want to add two additional field in the table date and time
    When user entered the start_date and end_date with lightbox then the system should enter for date and time from end_date
    date: 2014-11-23
    time: 14:12:45

  2. Can I use attach event in *.html file too? In the example it has given that the query should be in event.php file
    How can I use for exp:
    in *.html file?
    Or is that possible to put all the information event.php in the html file?


If you use a connector, you can try to split date-time value into two different columns before inserting and updating, and merge it into date-time before rendering to the client … event.html … event.html … event.html