newby struggling with Db-Connection


I started using the scheduler today and am struggling with the DB-Connector: the (very nice) calendar-views display nicely, but empty :frowning:(

I intend to use a PDO-Connection to a MS-SQL-DB and in the my_cal.php-file am using my “events.pgp” during scheduler.load() and also as dataProcessor() and have also set scheduler.config.prevent.cache to true to avoid any caching…

Since I did not see any appointments in the calendar, I have added some logging to my php…and this was code not executed at all! Also when I deliberately created errors in .php, they caused no crashes or msgs, so it seems my code is just ignored???

Would appreciate some pointers on how to fix this…

Thanks very much



Make sure you’ve specified correct url in scheduler.load and dataprocessor initialization, maybe your php file is not called at all. Also you may attach the demo, so we could check your issue locally

Yeah, I also came to the conclusion that probably the .PHP-Files were not included. So I checked the paths and they all seem correct. I’m wondering if there is any way I could get logging/debugging-info from the scheduler about its inability to read these files???

Unfortunately I can’t send sample code, it’s all behind firewall on machines w/o www-connection. And I guess it wouldn’t help much w/o the databases etc…