newcolumn IE issue

newcolumn in IE 8 does not create a new column

I am using xml below to create the columns in Firefox this creates 2 columns fine but in IE 8 everything is stacked on one another in a single column.

How can I get newcolum to be supported in IE 8?


<items> <item type="settings" position="label-left" labelAlign="right" labelWidth="150" inputWidth="auto"/> <item type="block" Width="1000"> <item type="input" name="txtFirstName" value="Patricia" label="First Name"/> <item type="input" name="txtMiddleInit" value="D" label="Init."/> <item type="input" name="txtLastName" value="Rossi" label="Last Name"/> <item type="input" name="txtSSO" value="204056468" label="GE Single Sign On"/> <item type="input" name="txtEmail" value="" label="E-mail Address"/> <item type="newcolumn"/> <item type="select" name="selTitle" label="Title"> <option value="AA" label="Administrative Assistant" /> <option value="BB" label="Black Belt" /> <option value="CM" label="Commercial Manager" /> <option value="IT" label="E-Business Programmer" /> <option value="EH" label="EHS" /> </item> <item type="input" value="p_rossi" label="Login"/> <item type="password" value="123" label="Password"/> <item type="password" value="123" label="Confirm Password"/> <item type="checkbox" label="Subscribe on news"/> <item type="select" label="Account type"> <option value="admin" label="Admin"/> <option value="org" label="Organiser"/> <option value="poweruser" label="Power User"/> <option value="user" label="User"/> </item> <item type="checkbox" label="Show logs window"/> </item> <item type="button" name="send" value="send"/> </items>


Works fine localy.
Make sure you’re using correct doctype, for example

when adds strict doc-type declaration, on body’s onload event the form is constructed by “layout.attachForm” , the layout is rendered on document body, the html body section contains nothing, and then things got weird: nothing was shown in page!

we add a Div for layout and sets the div’s width and height in pixel to fix this.

Try to add:

html, body { height: 100%;

thanks, it works :slight_smile: