newcolumn not working with Custom_Layout


newcolumn is not working for me with Custom_Layout("dhx_web) but with Standard Layout(dhx_skyblue). What can I do to make this working. This is my code

			{type:"fieldset", label:arrBelege[0], list:[
			{type: "label", label: "Anzahl Belege:" ,className: "myLabel2"},
			{type: "label", label: "Brutto Umsatz:",className: "myLabel2"},
			{type: "label", label: "Netto Umsatz:",className: "myLabel2"},
			{type: "label", label: "Nutzen:",className: "myLabel2"},
			{type: "label", label: "EKWert:",className: "myLabel2"},
			{type: "newcolumn"},
			{type: "label", label: " "},
			{type: "label", label: arrAnzBelege[0],  className: "myLabel"},
			{type: "label", label: arrBrutto[0] + " €",  className: "myLabel"},
			{type: "label", label: arrNetto[0]+ " €",  className: "myLabel"},
			{type: "label", label: arrNutzen[0]+ " €",  className: "myLabel"},
			{type: "label", label: arrEKWert[0]+ " €",  className: "myLabel"}]},
			{type: "button", name: "btn", value: "<-", command: "save"}

		dhxForm = tabbar.cells(activeTab).view("tree").attachForm(formData);

I need to specify, what version of a form do you use.
We need completed demo to see the js files: … leted_demo

Here is my example…appreciate your help (604 KB)


custom.css seems like for web skin,
but dhtmlx.css does not contain web skin, skyblue only.
for skyblue works fine, try:

comment this line:

Thanks Andrei for your Support. I know that this works with skyblue like i mentioned in my first post. Is there no way to get this working with custom_layout?


you just need correct css
native css for web skin should be included into zip you downloaded from our site
designer also have “skin” option (top-left side)

dhtmlx.css - this one, check zip, fine dhtmlx_web.css or so

Sry but i dont find any dhtmlx_web.css


I just opened
downloaded zip from here …
it have file inside 620kb
this archive contain imgs, dhtmlx.css and dhtmlx.js for web skin

if you’re using pro version please contuct us

thank you very much, i didnt no that there was such a file.