Newcolumn's offset doesn't effect when form in window/layout

there’s newcolumn in the dhtmlxform. If the form is created from html

tag, the newcolumn takes effect. however, when I use win.attachForm() and load the same xml file, the offset takes effect as if it is 0. the new column is created, but the offset is 0.

What kind of offset do you mean? Can you attach a screenshot?

Thank you for ur reply. pls see the attached.
The left shows offset zero, and the right one shows properly.

and here’s the xml file.

I made a sample with the same form structure - it works fine. See the attachment.
form_offset.rar (34.5 KB)

thank you very much.
ur provided code takes effect on “offset”, however, the new column appears on the second row.
pls see attached. I’m wondering is that because we use the different version of dhtmlx.


We reproduced the problem with offset. The fixed dhtmlxform.js is attached (15.9 KB)

It now works very fine.
Thanks Alexandra.