Nex Button issue

in my timeline view when i press the next button i would like to increment my start date and end date with 1 and previous button same action but decrement by 1.

Ex.: start_hour=8, end_hour=16 when i press next: start_hour=9, end_hour=17 -next button
start_hour=9, end_hour=17 when i press previous: start_hour=8, end_hour=16 -previous button
Thank you.

use x_length property of timeline config, it defines scroll step:scheduler.createTimelineView({ x_unit: "hour", x_length: 1, ... });

                section_autoheight: true,
                name: "timeline",
                x_unit: "hour",
                x_date: "%H:%i",
                x_step: 1,
                x_size: 8,
                x_start:  d.getHours()-1,
                y_unit: data,
                x_length: 1,
                y_property: "section_id",
                render: "tree",
                folder_events_available: true,
                dy: 25,
                fit_events: true,
                event_min_dy: scheduler.xy.bar_height + 20

if i add (x_length: 1) the next button doesn’t work

If anyone can help me here I’d greatly appreciate it, thanks

we’ve confirmed unexpected behavior of x_length with ‘minute’ or ‘hour’ scale. Try the patched version of the timeline extension. Does it works properly? (10.8 KB)

still not working :frowning:

if i using your dhtmlxscheduler_timeline.js, i have this error:
scheduler._skin_init(); ->object has no method

if i comment this i have another error:
scheduler._process_ignores(start, this.x_size, this.x_unit, this.x_step, preserve); ->object has no method

maybe i need to include whit this another files that contains this methods

The attached timeline.js requires dhtmlxScheduler v4.0(standard version), please try it with the package from the site … ndex.shtml

i have 3.7, i will try with 4.0, thanks

working :slight_smile:, thank you again