Next Java Update

Hi. I’m new to the forums. When will the next Java dhtmlxgrid_export be released? I am having the same issue as others with my footer(s) being placed at the top if I am using multiple headers in my grid Thanks in advance.


Try to use the attached file instead of the original one. (1.39 MB)

I unzipped this and imported it into Eclipse and archived it back up as a .war file to stick on my local Tomcat server to test. I was still having issues; therefore, I tried using the online export services – for .xls and .pdf.

We have a script that generates a dhtmlxgrid grade sheet on a main page, then we have a link on grid that brings up an AJAX form to let the user select an export option. We have a function to retrieve the grid’s XML in string format.

The process I am using is I am first initializing a new dhtmlXGridObject, and then next, I am retrieving the grade sheet grid’s XML as a string and then loading the XML into the newly created dhtmlXGridObject before I make the call to the online service. (<PDF|Excel service>)

The online service yields a more accurate grid (we are using grids for grade sheets with color coded cells) in that I am now able to see the color coding in my export files; additionally, my footers are now in the right place as opposed to being directly under my headers.

I am still trying to figure out why a few of my header and footer column labels are not displaying in the exported file. I have tried numerous things with filtering the XML; I’ve tried removing all #rspans, removing the single grid.splitAt() call, removing div tags surrounding the header/footer column labels, and still I have had no luck. The only other solution that I have not completely exhausted is stripping out all the command calls embedded in my tags in the XML string and then making the calls in Javascript (i.e. - grid.setSkin(…), etc.)

Also, I believe I read before in a post that the current Java version of the export service does not support inline HTML. Is this true?

Any help getting all of my header/row column labels to show up would be greatly appreciated as I feel that I’ve spent countless hours trying to piece together XML to get a decent and accurate looking exported grid. I can post sample images of an original grid and the resultant exported one if need be.


It would be useful to see generated file and grid initialization code (or link to the sample).