No API to get whether a row's hidden state.

I can use setRowHidden to hidden a row by id. but has no api to know whether a row is hidden or not hidden.


PLease, try to use the onRowHide event to control the state of the rows’ visibility:
mygrid.attachEvent(“onRowHide”, function(id,state){

I also have the same problem. Attaching the event handler is not a good solution for me bc I would have to have a local cache of the hidden states which would get out of sync when deleting rows, etc.

Looking at the source for setRowHidden, it looks like you can get the row and then check this: != “none”

Here’s a helper function I wrote…seems to work well.

ESGrid.prototype.getLength = function(skipHidden){

var len = 0;
if (skipHidden){
	var idStr = this.grid.getAllRowIds();
	if (!idStr)
		return len;
	var ids = idStr.split(this.grid.delim);
	for (var r=0; r<ids.length; r++){
		var row = this.grid.getRowById(ids[r]);
		if ( != "none")
}else {
	len = this.grid.getRowsNum(); // includes hidden rows
return len;