no attachForm() function

i try to attachForm() to a tabbar using the following syntax :
var myform = tabbar.cells(“tabb_a”).attachForm();

but the attachForm() function doesn’t exist.

i think it must be in the dhtmlxcontainer.js, but it doesn’t exist (searching in 2.6 components)

what is wrong ?


attachForm is defined in dhtmlxform.js. Make sure that you inluded form libraries.

I’m sorry,

but in the dhtmlxform.js that i have there is no attachForm function
(i try first with dhtmlxForm v.3.0 beta build 110318, but as there was an issue for readonly, i download on the forum a fixed version, don’t know wich version)

there is only this code :
if (window.dhtmlXContainer) {
// attach form functionality
if (!dhtmlx.attaches) dhtmlx.attaches = {};
if (!dhtmlx.attaches[“attachForm”]) {
dhtmlx.attaches[“attachForm”] = function(data) {
var obj = document.createElement(“DIV”); = “dhxFormObj_”+this._genStr(12); = “relative”; = “100%”; = “100%”; = “auto”;
obj.cmp = “form”;
this.vs[this.av].form = new dhtmlXForm(obj, data);
this.vs[this.av].formObj = obj;
return this.vs[this.av].form;

i have the following include :

I have always this error :
Erreur : tabbar.cells(nomform).attachForm is not a function


Could you attach the complete demo that allows to reproduce the problem ?

solved :

i was using v2.5 dhtmlxcontainer.js with v.3.0beta dhtmlxform.js

with v2.6 dhtmlxcontainer.js, that’s work