No border with dhx_skyblue


when I set my skin to “dhx_skyblue” in my grid, I never get a border around the grid and there’s seems to be 2 empty pixels at the right end of the grid.

I attached a screen shot to show you this issue.

If I set the skin to the other values, I do not get the empty pixels on the right end.

All the colors and graphics are ok, but I get this weird empty lines at the right end of the grid.


Stéphane Monette

I attached a new screen sample that shows the missing border and empty pixexls.

I circled the missing pixels in red.


Stephan Monette

What version of dhtmlxgrid do you have?
If it’s less than 3.0 it is recommended to update it.
In what browser does the issue occurs?

We are using v3: v.3.0 Standard edition build 110713

We’re having this problem on the following browsers and OS:

Windows: Firefox, Chrome, Safari
Mac OSX: Firefox, Chrome, Safari

We do not have this problem on iExplorer.


Stephan Monette

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed locally.
Please,provide a complete demo to reconstruct the issue.

Can you send me your static IP address and I will open it up on our server to give you access to our demo with the problem.