No combo item are loaded in form with combo dynamic_loading


I try to use combo_connector with dynamic_loading(rownum) and enablefiltering inside a form .
When form are loaded ( first time ) the item ( text) appear only if the key is included on the set of record loaded with dynamic loading .
If the key are not included in record set , key number appear instade of Item text
How i can resolve this problem ??

Thanks a lot
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You may try to load the combo options manually:

form.load(url, function(){ var value = form.getItemValue(comboItemId); var combo = form.getCombo(comboItemId); combo.loadXML("getOptions.php?key="+value,function(){ combo.selectOption(0); }); });

In this example getOptions.php should return xml in combo format with option(s) that corresponds “key” parameter. You may use comboConnector with custom sql query - render_sql method.