No data saved in database

I installed Scheduler on Joomla 2.5.8
It works ok on my local installation but when installation is moved to my webhotel host no data is saved in the database c1w9v_events_rec, that database is empty…

I can enter new data and switch between eg month and day, the data show. But as soon as I go to another page and then back, there is no data left.
I’ve tried different settings for privet mode and debug. Debug only gives the following response: “The text below, contains details about of server side problem” and nothing more …

Can you help me out? I can provide you with a login.

Best Regards
Uppsala, Sweden

please, turn on debug-mode in settings tab of scheduler admin panel. After that try to create new events. New file should be created at ‘components/com_scheduler/scheduler_log.txt’
Could you provide it?


When I try to run my local installation i debug mode I get this anwer:
“Warning: error_log(WP_PLUGIN_DIR/event-calendar-scheduler/scheduler_log.txt) [function.error-log]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\wamp\www\\components\com_scheduler\codebase\connector\tools.php on line 22”

It say something about WP_PLUGIN_DIR… but this is a Joomla install.
Maybe some files are wrong in the install package?

On the webhotel nothing but a blank page shows up when i try debug mode…

I have uninstalled and installed it again, no differnce. One more thing, the web hotel run Litespeed instead of Apache.

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HEllo, I’m happy now. I found the souloution in the topic “Scheduler plugins v3.0 is available!” in this forum. I had to change some code in dhtmlxSchedulerConfigurator.php and now things works as expected. Maybe this error only occur in a few installations? Otherwise, you might change the code in the installation package…

Anyway, thank you very much for a nice calendar!

Best Regards
Uppsala, Sweden

Good work :slight_smile: