No focus in form

Hi, I’ve a grid bind to a form in another cell of layout.
When I move the selection in grid with arrows key the focus fall into a combobox into the form .

I don’t want that because I can’t browse quickly the rows of grid with up or bottom keys.

How can I solve this problem ??

A screenshot of my application

Hi, in Internet Explorer the focus doesn’t change. It remains into the grid.
The problem is with Mozilla Firefox.

Please, provide us demo to reproduce this isse on with link to this topic. … leted_demo
Or you can share with a direct link

I’m sorry for late. I’ve done other things in this period.
The link of the page is this:

You have to select an Animal from “Lista Animali” grid and then press Down arrows.
The Combo Box on the right will stop the scroll of the grid.

I used this two instruction


to close the combobox when there’s the selection of a Animal, but it isn’t the best solution.

Any suggestion ??

Help please. Happy Christmas.


Please try to use attached dhtmlxform.js instead of the original one. Hope it will solve the problem. (16.1 KB)

Ok, now it’s perfect !!!

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Happy New Year