No grid scroll bars in 3L layout cells b or c

I’m not sure if this is a grid problem or a layout problem…so I’ll start here.

I am using a 3L layout and placing a grid in cell a and a grid in cell c or b. The grid in cell a appears to be normal. When the cell a grid is populated it automatically creates a vertical scroll bar. The grid in cell c, however, does not create scroll bars when populated with more rows than can be displayed. If I click on a row and use the arrow keys to navigate down the grid I can see the additional rows. I tried this grid in cell b as well and get the same results.

There is no border on the right side or bottom of the cell containing the grid. When the cell (b or c) does not contain a grid it is just a text area at this time.

I am using version 3.0 build 110713 standard. Is there some way I can get the scroll bars on the grid in cells b or c?

Thanks in advance for your help.


I finally figured out my problem…a css file was somehow causing the scroll bar on the b and c cells to be hidden. After a process of elimination I managed to get it to work properly.