No "nativeeditor_status" Status

i use the documentantion but find no help in it,
and the support team say that, i should post it in this forum,

At the Grid we need the “nativeeditor_status” Status,

but at the $_GET Params, the arent this status.

We use these settings:

myDataProcessor = new dataProcessor("our_file.php");



What is wrong ?

Sorry for my bad english, i am from germany.

Best regards

Beware that If you are using the connector.js, dataparocessor will send its value by POST ( so it will be $_POST["!nativeeditor_status"] )

Also, if you are using send-all-at-once behavior , there will be multiple statuses in the POST (GET), and param name will be $POST["{id}!nativeeditor_status"]

Thanks for the fast Answer, but the POST is empty.
I test it with the print_r($_POST);

Other GET Params exist o.g.
[gr_id] => r5

… and so on

But the $_GET["!nativeeditor_status"] dont exist.

Which version of grid and dataprocessor are you using?
Is there some kind of demo link, where it can be checked?

Version: dhtmlxGrid v.2.0 Professional edition build 81009/81107

Sorry, there is no Demo online :frowning:

Version 2.0 may provide empty value of !nativeeditor_status for update operations ( was fixed in later versions), but still parameter itself must exist

Thx, we bought the new Professional Edtion, and then there is a Status.

Hi ther. Mi company bougth : dhtmlxGrid_v30_pro_110707
and we have the same issue.
Could anybody help ??
Thanks in advance

Please open ticket in the support system.