No progress indicator for layout with tabbar

When I attach a tabbar to a layout cell, the progressOn() does not work for that cell.

Attached is the dhtmlxLayout progress example (14) with the addition of attaching a tabbar to cell ‘b’. Try to show progress on cell ‘b’ - I get no progress indicator.

Thanks! (2.49 KB)

The problem wasn’t reproduced with the latest development version. I’ve attached the latest dhtmlxlayout.js (17.3 KB)

I have the same issue.
i’m using dhtmlxLayout v.2.5 Standard edition build 91111.

Width this:
dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body, “2E”);
dhxMenu = dhxLayout.cells(“b”).attachMenu();
var dhxTabbar = dhxLayout.cells(“b”).attachTabbar();

I can’t see progress animation,
but if tabbar is not attached (remove: “var dhxTabbar = dhxLayout.cells(“b”).attachTabbar();”),

progress animation works’s fine.


I’ve attached the working demo (93.1 KB)

The progress indicator appears in IE7, but not in FF 3.6.6.

Finally, we’ve managed to recreate the problem. The fixed dhtmlxlayout_dhx_skyblue.css is attached. (2.59 KB)

Works great! Thanks for the fast support!